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LSP employee Pawel: pallet sorter

Pawel lives with his wife and son in Schiedam and has been working at Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep for three years now. Delivering quality in his work and working closely with his colleagues is what Pawel considers important in his work. In addition to his work, he has a great interest in modern machines and robotics. He has also an interest in real estate prices on the market. In this interview Pawel tells more about himself and his job at Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep.

Could you explain what you do at Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep?

“I work as a pallet sorter for the europallet sorting system. My work mainly consists of working with modern machines and sorting pallets every day. For this, the technical and mechanical knowledge that I have developed comes in very handy. In case of mechanical problems, I try to solve these problems together with the external machine specialists.”

You work with the europallet sorting system, but what exactly are europallets?

“A europallet is a wooden pallet with dimensions and specifications set by the European Pallet Association. Since these pallets are collected and reused after transport, companies are engaged in corporate social responsibility when choosing for the europallet. We sell different types of europallets at Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep. Each customer has specific requirements for a pallet. By sorting the pallets as well as possible, the quality remains high. Therefore, we work closely with these customers in order to give them the best quality.”

You have been working at Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep for three years now. What do you think of your job?

“I really like my job. Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep is a company in development. They are well organized and take care of their employees.”

How would your colleagues describe you?

“My colleague Kim describes me as a hardworking and spontaneous employee. “Always in the mood for a happy conversation and good at his job.” That’s what I like to hear. I take my work very seriously and I am always there for others when they need help.”

One last statement?

“At Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep I get the opportunity to develop further. Next to personal development for employees, job satisfaction is also very important for Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep.”

Want to know more about Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We work with 40 permanent staff members and 20-25 temporary staff members every day in two locations: Hoek van Holland and Standdaarbuiten.

Pawel palletsorteerder
Pawel Palletsorteerder

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