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Implications of BREXIT on the transport of wooden packaging materials

When the United Kingdom leaves the EU, the heat treatment of wooden packaging materials such as pallets and dunnage according to the ISPM 15 may apply. This means that the transport of untreated wooden packaging materials may be refused or returned. The heat treatment ensures that no living organisms, such as beetles that could affect forests, are carried in the transported wood. We have our own heat treatment facilities and can do the treatment for you. As a registered supplier, Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep is a member of the Stichting Markering Houten Verpakkingen and is licenced to heat treat and mark the pallets. The treated wood is given a unique mark. This allows the products to enter the countries recognised by ISPM 15 without any problems. It is important to be prepared! The British Retail Consortium has issued a warning that the UK does not have enough HT pallets itself to meet its exports. Contact us for Heat Treatment options.

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