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Heat Treatment

Lievaart Slaghuis HT BV

Provides heat treatment and is ISPM 15 certified.  According to regulations, HT is a mandatory requirement when exporting to countries whose standards meet ISPM 15.


ISPM 15 is a worldwide standard of regulations to guarantee that living organisms are cannot spread through wood packaging material. ISPM 15 describes how wood packaging material is to be treated so that any potentially harmful organisms are exterminated. Wood that is used in the manufacturing of wooden load carriers, wood packaging materials and dunnage must be treated and marked for international transport outside the EU. This worldwide standard came into force in March 2002 and is now mandatory for exporting to a large number of countries. See the list of countries.

The HT process

We can treat the material for you through Heat Treatment (HT). We do this in our in-house HT rooms. The treatment involves heating the wood packaging material to 56°C (in the core of the wood) for 30 minutes.

Unique registration number

Only registered suppliers of the Stichting Markering Houten Verpakkingen (SMHV, Foundation implementing the Dutch Wood Marking Program) may treat and mark the wood. These suppliers have a unique 3-digit registration number that is added to the IPPC mark. The mark guarantees that the wood meets the standards of the ISPM 15. Lievaart – Slaghuis HT BV is an SMHV registered heat treatment company. Our mark looks like this:

NL = ISO country code for the Netherlands; 00 = unique company registration number: HT = treatment method: heat treatment.

Mark is proof

Wood packaging material bearing this mark guarantees that the treatment complies with the requirements of ISPM 15 and that it may be permitted to enter destination countries that have recognised ISPM 15. Click here for more information.

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Are you looking for HT pallets that meet the ISPM 15 standard? Then contact us! We also heat treat wood packaging material for third parties.

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