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About LSP


Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep has extended its machine park over the last few years. This means that we can save costs and work efficiently and it is far less strenuous for our employees.  Sorting of the pallets across several sorting flows is now done almost automatically. Apart from the sorting, we also have various repair lines. For new pallets, we have a production line with various wood processing machines.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to contribute to a clean and sustainable environment that respects humans and animals. We do this through sustainable initiatives throughout the company, such as repairing pallets for reuse, shredding waste wood to generate heat in our own heat generation plant, generating energy with solar panels and fitting our vehicle fleet with Euro IV engines. We also build and maintain long-term relationships with our employees and are in constant dialogue with them on safety at work, personal development and job satisfaction. It is also important for us to support good causes. We are proud to be a permanent partner of the swimming event A Local Swim Westland for the benefit of the nerve muscle disease ALS. The Stichting ALS Westland has worked since 1 November 2008 to draw attention to this serious disease and to raise funds for research into the cause and possible treatment. We have a large company team and our staff have enthusiastically taken part in Stichting ALS Westland’s activities.

Quality & Certification

ISO 9001

In July 2018 our ISO 9001 certification was audited again and approved. The certification shows that we meet the latest standards of ISO 9001: 2015 norm. The certificate is valid until September 2021.


Our Euro pallets are professionally repaired in compliance with EPAL (European Pallet Association) guidelines.


ISPM 15 is a worldwide standard that guarantee that living organisms cannot be transported in wooden packaging materials.


Lievaart & Slaghuis Palletgroep pays a lot of attention to sustainability. We find it very important to contribute to a cleaner world.


The company was founded in 1982 by Dik Lievaart. Initially, the familiar tomato crates were an important part of the business. Over the years, the company grew and the assortment expanded to a full range of one of the most important components of the logistics chain: the wooden pallet. In 1982 the company started operations on the Zwethlaan in Honselersdijk. Soon extra space was rented on the terrain of the auction at Westerlee. In 1990 the opportunity arose to buy 1600 m2 of space at the Coldenhove transport centre in Maasland and the company moved for the first time. In the mid 1990s, son Jon Lievaart joined the company and later took over from his father.

Our team

We work with 40 permanent staff members and 20-25 temporary staff members every day in two locations: Hoek van Holland and Standdaarbuiten. Should you require any information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the following persons:

Charles Slaghuis

Leo van den Bos

Leo van den Bos

Team - Carlo Slaghuis

Carlo Slaghuis

Ons team - Jon Lievaart

Jon Lievaart

Logistics / purchasing

Carl Schewe

Purchasing wood / new pallets
Ons team - Thom

Thom Olsthoorn


Kees Westerman

Ons team- Kim Slaghuis

Kim Slaghuis

Marketing and communication

Berry van Rij

Location manager: Standdaarbuiten
Ons team- Ron

Ron Bazen

Ons team - Linda

Linda van der Lee

Ons team - Monique Bouwer

Monique Brouwer

Ons team - Stef

Stef Wennekers

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